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Okay… I’ve been away for a minute. Sorry for that. I’m back 🙂 brief recap before I lay my head down to get some sleep. This weekend we had chapter meeting, where they decided to not “give” me GA. Too much on my plate was the citation. I felt bad because I guess, to me, it means that they doubt my ability to do the job. But honestly, I had to think… what reasons have I given them to make them confident that I CAN do it? I spent half the year last year not attending chapter or exec. I only recently came back. So who knows. The workaholic in me wants to make a plea for it. But the new sensible me is gonna let it slide and just be excellent in the things I CAN do!

Then it was off to meet with the step team for our annual dinner. That was fun and interesting and wonderful as always. So much has changed for all of us in the course of a year. I love the fact that we come back once every year to reconnect and catch up. As a line we’re engaged… expecting and branching off into new careers. It’s very exciting and although I do wish we spent more time together, the once a year as an entity gives me a chance to miss them first. It’s essential to WANT to see someone. We also broke ground this year… we had men there! *GASP* They were pretty passive and nonintrusive, so it worked out. Pictures at the gallery.

Lastly, on Sunday, the day was spent quietly with my baby. We went to the new IHOP in Harlem, which much to my surprise was NOT crowded to death with a line around the world. Then afterwards an hour spent in HueMan Bookstore on 125th street where we milled around and made our list of books we’d like to purchase in the coming months. I made note of one book he liked a lot, having to do with the death of Jim Crow. So I’ll pick that up for him. Then we went to see Meet the Fockers. It was okay. Someone had told us that it was ravingly funny… but no. Just okay. It was nice to spend some time with my baby. And then he took me home. Warshed my hair (no typo… I say it like that all the time!) and just finished drying it. I thought for a quick second I’d log in and update before I crashed. And that’s done now 🙂 I’ll be more diligent this week… promise!



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