Time Warner Cable Sucks

Categories: what in the entire hayle

Cause they do. I have a GLORIOUS 3 1/2 day weekend and nothing but fly experiences to write about and what happens? The brand new modem that TWC installed is blinking one light on and off (there are 4 people)… meaning, I better remember everything that happened and be just as excited when I write about it anew. So they told me Monday, they’d send a technician on Thursday. Great. What a serious disconnect. I live and breathe through this thing we call internet. I really felt so detached. But the Gods that rule over internet connection blessed me tonight and I manage to have some connection at all. I figured I’d blog everything separate in the case that folks had different things they wanted to chime in about.

My comment at this time is that Time Warner Cable sucks… and it’s a got dayumed shame I don’t have an alternative… except dialup (which isn’t an alternative at all…) and nothing… during which I would shrivel up and blow away in about 2 weeks.



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