New Beginnings

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Tonight, my baby and I witnessed a couple’s new beginning. A pre-orchestrated Game Night that was held a friends house… so that during the perfectly timed game of Cranium (Turbo Edition) while sculpting a clue for his team to figure out, Hayden sculpted a ring out of playdoh… his girlfriend correctly answered the clue… and he whipped her actual ring and said, “Will you marry me?” And she said yes and applause and “awwws” abounded. Max and I circled Aisha for her first official picture in the KDC (Karat Danglers Club) and she started to cry. We held her and congratulated her and there was love all around. It was interesting to be on this side of it all. The “black actors” side. (I call it that because when my baby was planning to pop the question he had the whole world pretending that they didn’t know. So after it was all said and done, their little joke to each other was ‘black actors… gotta stick together’ a la Chappelle show). I was just excited for her and couldn’t wait for him to ask. And I’m praying on this one because he deserves happiness and I hope that’s what they both found.

On another note, I got to hang with AP for the first time in a while. We just talked and kicked the shit while my baby and his frat were playing UNO. I miss hanging with him. He’s always so busy, but it’s cool. At least we stay in touch. He’s one of those folks that you could pick up with months later and it’s all good. But I hate catching up on months worth of stuff. Not my style. Never has been.

T-minus 2 days and counting before I get my sidekick. And then the world will be mine…. *demonic laugh*

I’m exhausted… I need some sleep.



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