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Strange dreams last night…

After a SLAMMIN dinner cooked by the hubby, I sat back  in the couch prepared to relax when a sharp pain above and behind my left eye started me down a path of feeling sick for the night.   I said at that point I’d take Athena into her room and put her to bed – with the intentions of going to lay down myself after to try to rest away what was ailing me.

She  was fussy and rambunctious, not really wanting to lay down or behave, so I let her tire herself out with the lights out.  Finally she laid down in her bed and I closed my eyes.  Next thing I know, it’s 3 AM, i’m in my own bed and Athena’s banging on her door to come into our room.   “How’d I get here…?”  Crazy – cause I didn’t even drink last night.

In between laying her down and waking up in my bed, I had a crazy dream that I was at some kind of retreat for work.  So all my colleagues were there.  And for some reason, they were celebrating me.  And it felt super genuine.  Like they all genuinely liked me and respected me.   Then at one point they all broke out in some kind of dance / song tribute to me a la Glee style singing my praises.  They’d made a song montage of my life and were dancing about and serenading me.

But it’s then that I knew that it HAD to be a dream.   This was NEVER happening in real life.   My coworkers don’t hate me.   They respect me.   I just don’t really get invited to a gang of shit.  Which I guess is the order of things.  I don’t recall inviting my supervisors to too many things.    Circle of life.   or whatever.

Felt nice though.



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