2014 – Here we go…

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Over the proverbial hill…

This is it – it’s the “big” one… the big 4-0 in October this year and I can tell that already I’m scrambling to get things done in the first 9 months in order to be able to say that I did it.  Typical me.  But there’s so much stigma about this year… that I don’t think is quite warranted anymore.  I guess when EVERYONE only lived to be 50 or 60… 40 was a big deal.  But with folks living to be 80 and 90… maybe we should ease up.   I have no personal idea when my end will come.   My mother’s death has me thinking that it’ll happen around 65 if I don’t do things differently starting now.  And even if that was the  case – I still have a good 20 years to make my mark on everything around me.  But I’d really like to give myself an extra 20 or so just to get it all in in this consciousness.

No written resolutions yet.  I know what I need to get done.   Just a matter of choosing the path.  Of course I’d like to be more faithful to my blog this year.   I’d like to research getting published this year, but I have NO idea what I’d write.    Continuing to chase my elusive passion that makes my life worth living… the one that gives ME true purpose on this planet.  I suspect I’ll always be looking.  I want to write more about what I’ve experienced as a mom.  I missed out on the stories of minutae from my mom… potty training me… getting me to eat solids… what was going on in her mind when I would spin endlessly in the living room.  Things that I think over a cup of coffee and some Haitian bread  – she and I would have a sturdy laugh about now that I’m raising my own little human life.  But I can only imagine what she’d say.  I am at a loss for asking her the multitude of questions that every new mother asks their own mother or mother figure.  So I’d like to have somewhere that Athena and any other little life I bring forth may find answers irrespective of my presence here.   Lose weight, fix my teeth, fix my skin… all the #prettyhurts endeavors of every year of course, but they take a back seat to the investments in my mind and soul.

Bring it on 2014… I’m ready




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