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The train was a relief getting on this morning from the sweltering humidity out side that threatened to douse us with rains anew. We got on to a moderately populated, cooled non-wreaking of homelessness or wreckless abandon car with like minded working class all enjoying the final dregs of their morning quiet before stepping into a venti New York noisemaker, non-fat.

The ride home – surprisingly similar thus far. AC in the car works – not to freeze me, but to soothe me down from the heat of elevated voices all day. Not crowded – if u stand, it’s by choice…. And I chose to stand (of course). Not cramped or crowded – got my position by the door (just in case I gotta run – (C) the Fugees) – just waiting for the conductor to call “Utica Ave”. So I can stumble home to my awaiting mini paradise ?



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