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Today’s song was inspired by a hefty to-do list.

Things have changed at the job piece and as a result, my workload has doubled (almost tripled… but still a little less than tripled). To say that a sistah hasn’t had a chance to BREATHE lately would be an understatement. I’m moving at a much quicker pace lately and it’s intensely important for me to keep on top of things… crossing t’s and dotting i’s.

My latest dream was of me at work (those who know… already know how bad it is when I start to dream of my work place). But I was bustling about in a dimly lit verson of my current office and there had just been another huge let go of employees and rumored that there would be more, so all of management was skulking about trying not to reveal their master plans to the underlings whispering in corners and looking over their shoulders. All the while, I was just trying to keep track of stacks of papers on my desk that all threatened to topple over and lose their order. It was very much like watching a plate spinner do their thing… and this song was the soundtrack. This song is from my days of heavy drum & bass and downtempo music that helped me to focus when I coded webpages. So… again… appropo. (You have to listen past the 1:00 minute point to understand what I’m talking about; otherwise the point is lost on you). Also helps to listen to this with plenty of base. The song has so many beautiful layers.



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