Head In The Sand

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I have to address it.

Because if I let it sit, it’ll fester and I’ll feel worse.

I am NOT prepared for the holiday onslaught this year.

The pink gilded floral announcements have been trickling in since Easter came and went… but now… I’m on the eve the weekend where everyone celebrates motherhood.

It would also figure that day makes exactly 7 months since we lost her.

My plan is to hide. Not tap into any outer conduits: cellphone, internet, television. I’m dreading the onslaught of mass messages “Happy Mother’s Day” to my FB and phone because… I’m not a mother and I don’t have one anymore.

I’m praying for radio silence. I’d just like the day to come and go so that I have the option make myself busy enough to forget for a little while. At least 24 hours longer.

Somehow, I think the “best laid plans” idiom is going to work it’s magic here…



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