We’re Always Grown

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We’re Always Grown

Blogging from far away in DC on a trip for my job. Feeling especially alone today although I am literally surrounded by people.

On the drive down getting to know my co -workers better we recounted stories of our college experience (we’re in DC for a college fair). And while I thought about and said my story I casually made a statement that has been on my mind all day. “After you hit a certain point in life, you always think you’re grown and know better”. And that point is early… For some around 10 yrs. old. For most going from the teens on. Even though there are elders all around you at nearly every point in your life, you always feel old enough to be respected and wise enough not to have to take the elder’s unsolicited advice.

Shame. By the time we figure out the game… It’s no longer our turn.

If youth knew.
If age could.



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