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This weekend has shaped up to be quite relaxing and wonderful. I spent the majority of it with my baby just being together. Friday we were supposed to go to a friends birthday get together, but he wasn’t feeling well, so I took care of him friday night a little and see if I could make him feel better. Then Saturday he came to pick me up bright and early because we were scheduled to go out and shop (just to look) for a new car. So we went for an appointment we had for 11:30 and we looked around and agreed that no matter what, we would only seriously consider a car if the payments to the new car would be less than the current payments we make on our Diggy. After looking at many models and asking a BUNCH of question – we found one. We’re actually getting ready to go pick it up right now. I’m excited. It’s a brand new car – we don’t have to really worry about all those repairs we were going to have to make on Diggy in the near future – air conditioner, pistons, moonroof, plenty of body work, odometer… just a bevy of things. AND we’re saving like $100 a month! We picked out a 2006 Honda Accord. I know it’s not like luxury style and oh-my-gosh… but it’s brand spankin new … and I’m really happy. My baby is bittersweet. He loves material things that bring him many good memories. Diggy was his very first car… he had a lot of great experiences in the car on road trips and fun memories. He’s the slightest bit reluctant to give her up. But I believe that he’ll easily get over that once he starts driving the new car around. I wonder what we’ll name her….

When we got home saturday night, he initiated a very candid conversation with me about his hangups going on in our intimate life. He was very open about a lot of things and I was really surprised (in a great way). After he laid out all the pieces for me and I was able to put it all together, it started to make a lot of sense to me why things are the way they are. But his promise to work on it coupled with his admission of his placing me on a bit of a pedastal which was keeping him from thinking of me in a certain way really cleared up a lot and has me feeling quite positive and looking forward to where this road may take us…



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