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Dear Mr. West:

Thank you. Thank you for being so brave in what you did. I know in the past you’ve been accused of being arrogant and hypocritial (even though you never really denied either…) you had the courage to do what most were afraid to do. Speak exactly what was on your mind at the time that you had the audience to do it. Although, I probably would have preferred for you to rehearse what you were going to say a little more carefully so that you didn’t sound as scattered as you did… I heard you clear your throat before you started. I heard the warble in your pitch out of sheer nervousness (from you — a trained entertainer). Mostly, I heard the sincerity in your voice despite the somewhat disjointed thoughts. And your message did come through. Bush didn’t hop to it because it was mostly Black people that got affected and they DO portray us poorly in the media. And yes… martial law means that they send the National guard and all who are given the power to shoot us if we’re perceived to be “looting” and not “looking for food”. And no… he doesn’t care for us, Kanye. Honestly, I’m sure he cares for no one but himself and his own interests.

But what I love most… is that once upon a time… fame for an African-American / Black person in this country automatically made him part of the movement. It meant that he had the power to channel our voices and say what we were thinking… and say it often… and maybe even say it when it wasn’t deemed appropriate. But our voices would be heard and maybe even change effected. Seems that the limelight now is just somewhere for folks to shake their asses and be seen. Even if this was a publicity stunt just to get your name in the paper to sell your new album more — thank you for attempting to use your name for something that tied in to meaningful causes.

And lastly, thank you for admitting the hypocrisy that we all practice. Yeah, you went shopping before you made a donation. I hope that you did call your business manager. Because there’s a hell of a lot of us complaining about the management at the top, but haven’t done one thing to help — at all. It is human nature to be that way… and maybe you admitting that you’ve done it will make others see that they did to, and make them quicker to get out their wallets, or get some supplies on a bus or board a plane and get down there and help.

I’ll pray for you, Kanye. Who knows what the backlash on this will be. But I hope you stay safe… and stay vigilant.

God Bless You.




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