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I went to the Concert for Love tonight which was to benefit the American Diabetes Association where famous performers come out and perform the music of Luther Vandross. Which was wonderful cause I sho do love me some Luther. He’s the best. Well, Lalah Hathaway was on the bill. And I have to say… as much as I ADORE her father… I’ve never taken the time to listen to her. I was so afraid that the whole Nat King Cole / Natalie Cole or Marvin Gaye / Nona Gaye would happen. Where the talents of the latter would make me feel icky about the former. HONEY… NOT tonight. I don’t know why I shouldn’t have expected more from Donny’s seed. Lawd Jeerus… it was Donny on the stage… as a female. SAME voice. Same control of the notes… Same beauteous expression… JUST BEAUTIFUL. I started to cry. She sang “Forever, For Always, For Love” which I’d never truly listened to all the way through when I heard Luther singing it… because it just sounded like a nice little background ballad. I listened to every word, every note every everything about the way Lalah sang that song. Good Lord! It was really WONDERFUL. Brava, Lalah. You’ve gained a brand new fan. Umma get her catalog of albums Friday.

The fibroids have been paining me today and yesterday. And now it’s officially been 2 weeks since I saw the Dr. and he hasn’t called with my results. I guess it really is time to move on to a Dr. that may care. *sigh* Fortunately / Unfortunately, in the last 2 weeks I’ve met more women in my personal circle (that I already knew, mind you) that are living with of have dealt with fibroids at one time or another. Pretty frightening. I hope the pain goes away. I hate pain numbing… because whatever I take certainly doesn’t “kill” the pain.



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