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I had an epiphany today on the train. Why name an ailment by the combination of letters and vowels most challenging to the people with that affliction. Lisp. If you have a lisp… it is NOT fun or easy to say the actual word. Why couldn’t they have made it something a little more functional for the folks with lisps to say. Like… Thunk. That’s HELLA easy for someone with a lisp to say. Just a thought….

It’s funny how folks can put images in your mind that just happen to linger there all day. They don’t have to say much, but it affects you for hours later. Watch what you say to folks 🙂 I’m really beginning to think that I’m exactly the person that my guy friends wives think I am and thusly don’t like their husbands hanging out with me for. I just don’t give a fuck… and their status matters not, because I keep saying to myself (where applicable)… “they were my friends first…” But Karma is a MUTHA. Check the Song 42nd Street Happenstance (I’ll get it on the radio blog soon enough).

I need to stop actin up before I end up in the corner of a pool with a straw sticking out for air

More later…



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