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Hello friend… how has it been…

I’ve never met you.

I’d never know you if I saw you in the street

And all the history I should know about someone I love so

I don’t .

But I do love you.

like you were made for me.

Born of the same celesital fiber.

And that I should have known you.

But time makes it impossible for me to ever

get to know you.

Only through your lyrics

and your soul can I really know

that we were supposed to meet.

Chance happenstance

that my best friend introduced us

and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

your voices have always been inside

and everything is everything of everything

you’ll be to me.

Lord helped me to hear your voice

and make me believe in true feeling again.

In unadultered emotion

and the desire to inspire others

to be young, gifted and believe

that someday we’ll all be free.

I love you in a place… where there is no space or time.

Thank you Donny for freeing my soul and opening my mind.

4tress 2004

(we have the same birthdate you know… just 29 years apart)



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