At Odds

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I always read growing up that Libras are the champions of the underdog. Whatever the case is… who ever is most affected and least paid attention to, that’s who we’re rooting for. This also, in a lot of ways makes us the Devil’s Advocate in many popular situations. It seems like yesterday I was just at odds with everyone I was talking to. Not in a confrontational way, but it spawned long debates about life and the way we look at things. My coworker BB was talking to me about the Word… and how one should measure their lives by it. And I asked… “who’s interpretation of it?” And that sparked up a whole lotta somethin… then I made it worse when I said that it’s a text, albeit divinely inspired, written by MEN (meaning folk) in captivity trying to leave something behind to their prodigy (mostly). God didn’t write it down, as far as I know… and it’s been translated and torn apart and re assembled another way so many times by so many sources in the years past… can we really trust what it says? I’m skeptical. But BB was not… so we debated. He made good points. I made good points. We walked away with a better understanding of each other – but no love lost.

Then over lunch MB and I were having a philsophical discussion of the age old “if a tree falls in the forest…” And he said, “of course it makes a sound.” Which immediately put me on the, “How do you know? You weren’t there to hear it…” And we went back and forth for a little while. Haven’t changed how I feel about it, but discussing it with him made me see some other points someone might use in their defense of the existence of sound without an audience.

I don’t know if it’s that I automatically choose the opposing side because of my nature. But… I’ve become adept at seeing ALL sides of an argument, so that I can more wisley make my own choices and assessments. I enjoy debating items with people; it either strengthens or weakens my defense, which makes me examine how I came to the conclusion to begin with. I’m open to all sorts of thoughts and ways of seeing things. Being one track minded is only good for a little while. But being open minded (not necessarily only using your OWN frame of reference as your barometer for other people’s situations but rather trying to understand and see all sides and views and opinions…) is the key to this crazy place.



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