It’s Been a Long Time

Categories: catching up, celebrations, check in, figuring it out, why am i doing this again?

Yep. I know. Time Warner has sucked REALLY BAD. Like… I have no words for how bad. Like… since August 17th bad. And how much stuff has happened? A LOT. More than I can remember to blog here today. I’m just tired and hopefully soon, will be a little drunk and I’ll get to sleep. But here’s the list

– new coworker started last week. can’t wait for him to be trained up
– haven’t really spoken to the ‘rents since the blowup
– spoken at length with broham – he’s keeping me sane.
– went to another wedding.
– spent a quiet weekend in dc with the mister.
– feeling a little bit more energetic, but over all not healthier.
– more relationships changing as time moves on.
– took a vow of celibacy.
– seeking counseling
– attended chapter meeting AND deployed the newsletter like a good little aka.
– almost went toe to toe with my new boss on some stuff that wasn’t my fault.
– lost more weight.
– almost started my abuse blog. (chickened out. again.)
– going on a drinking binge for my 31st — hopefully will come out the other end alive.
– celebrated my baby’s 31 (today). tried hard to make it festive. sad that i had to try hard.
– learning more about myself and how others percieve me every day.

And that’s all I have energy to spare for. I need the rest of it to lift this glass.



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