In Vain

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I don’t have the energy to retype everything so I’ll just copy and paste the rant that I just typed to R. You’ll get the gist.

me: just got off the phone with mom. she’s complaining that there is so much to do in the house. last night dad had a tough night, he was sweating all night and she had to get up to change his clothes because he wouldn’t.
me: and this morning he had to empty the bathroom because they came to fix the plaster that was cracking from the ceiling.
me: and so he was complaining.
me: and she says… “I think I’m going to give up everything and go to a home”.
me: and I said… “Why would you do that, mom?”
me: and she says, “Because at least then, I’d have someone to help me.”
me: so i say to her “Oh… i guess I shouldn’t take that offensively at all, huh?”
me: i just got off the phone at that point
me: why do I even bother?
me: i should have moved out when I had a chance.
me: why would she have said something like that to me?
me: i mean…
me: i’m doing all that I can.
me: within the limits of quitting my job and caring for them all the time.
me: it makes me want to say “fuck it”
me: here are some brochures for some homes…
me: find one… get out.

Mom has officially gotten to the stage in Haitian aging that makes them say hurtful, offensive things to their kids JUST TO GET A REACTION. I’m not going to go through this . I refuse.



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