Feeling Good

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Sleep in Peace When Day is Done… That’s What I Mean… I’m feeling pretty crappy right now. More sad than angry. Today’s been a pretty sucky day. It’s 4:02 and I can’t wait for it to be over. Maybe the weather is working against me. Maybe my own words. Either way… it’s pretty bad. Hard … Read More

Pathology’s Daughter

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I’m really beginning to think maybe that should be the name of my blog. How I have to deal with the fact that my family is riddled with sickness, compounded with bad thinking. My 1st uncle (mom’s 1st brother because she’s the eldest), came over this morning to share breakfast and coffee and drive my … Read More


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So we went up skiing. And I uncovered within me the woman that will grow old to nag my baby to death one day. I was getting on him about his driving (he WAS driving like a maniac though). I was getting on him about his manners… just everything I could find. But I managed … Read More


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Supersized is supposed to be… better… no? me: this world is crazy. me: this girl is on the air… and she’s trying out for Miss Info’s job.. Max: ? Max: oh lawd me: so, they’re talking about how good she looks and they ask her her height and weight. me: so she says… I’m 5’7″… … Read More

So tired today…

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So tired today… consumed with the thought that the world is full of masochists. or folks who don’t value themselves. everyone seems to want carrie to get back with big. for what? 6 more years of being led astray but definitely away from real happiness? just feigned, fleeting moments of ignorant bliss that are just … Read More


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DREAMS Okay… another strange dream last night. Not remembering all of it. But I do remember that there was a horrible mudslide in my neighborhood and I was with my father trying to get into the building but we were trying to drive into the building. So we drove the truck down the stairs and … Read More

Last Night on my own… for now.

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Mom and dad come back tomorrow. And I’m relieved. I kinda feel like I’ve been holding my breath until they come back in some kind of show of maturity and ability. But I’m good to exhale now. If for no other reason then a resolution to my fear. I’m horribly nervous in this space and … Read More

Ping Pong

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Well, I’m sitting here on the Monday after Easter, in my pjs and not motivated to go ANYWHERE… especially not work. I’m supposed to be in there now, but I really don’t even care anymore. I almost wish they would fire me so I could collect severance and unemployment, etc etc etc. I need a … Read More