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Happy 4th… belated!
I had a really great weekend. Primarily because I spent my final weekend at my baby’s apt this weekend. Starting Friday and ending yesterday (monday). We just really spent so much quality time together and I felt so comfortable and at home the whole time I was there. I’m going to miss the apt (he’s moving out). It was a nice little spot for us for a bit. But you know… new plateaus mean new horizons. So I’m looking forward to that.

Although we spent so much time together, I have no real thoughts on the weekend… outside of feeling surrounded by friendship at the barbecue and on monday with V and D went with us to Michael’s creativity store. And above all… a true feeling like, I was wanted and needed in my baby’s space. And that’s all I really have been asking for. So it was really great to experience that. It’s been a while. But it was just this white noise of contentment all weekend. I don’t remember dreaming. I don’t remember having any overtly profound thoughts. Just at peace.

Totally cool. Check the pics

And now … back to work… to ruin the peaceful tranquility that I somehow managed to attain *sigh*



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