New Poem

Categories: words

This hit me on the train ride home… no title. yet.

You must hear my thoughts before they ever
come to fruition
and i sense your soul intrusion which stops the
thought progression.
My subconscious reaches out for you
and seeks you in the unlikeliest of places
on every street that is fiveish
and on messages unleft in numbers
not recognized
i search back windows of cars for
but find none
and talks of puzzles and strategy
confound me
studies of physics go unlearned
and that part of me that yearned for abuse
is quieter now…
And more reflective of the need
but in that off moment that the thought
is allowed to skitter across
the recesses of my mind…
You hear it
and beg to reciprocate

7/6/2004 7:32 PM


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