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That’s what the date is. It’s “in the book” as Glenn from the catering hall said today as we put our first downpayment on the hall we’ve chosen to have our ceremony / reception. Now that date isn’t just imaginary anymore. It’s real. I can’t wait for the actual day. It really can’t come fast enough, if you asked me. But now, we have a place and we can start planning out all the other good stuff. My baby and I felt really lovey dovey on the way back. “We’re getting married” was all we could say to one another on the way home. Like… every new step we take makes this more of a reality for us. I’m so glad he’s excited too. He’s in the throes of this planning just like I am. He wants to start a blog about his experience planning the wedding. (He even wants to write a book!) What a partner. I couldn’t have asked for more.

And now our date is real…



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