You Don’t Eat Chaaaaaannnneeeeessseeee Fooooood!

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Yep… that’s how drunk I am right now. That upon discussing the delicious food (particularly the samosas) at the K-Lounge across the street that was Indian cuisine… and no one know what I was talking about (except for Li’l Vic…) I proclaimed to them all that “You don’t eat chhaaaaaa-neeeeeese-foooood”… What the fuck??? I KNEW I was talking about Indian food. Damn… I had tooo much Veuve Cliquot. Well… I am posting pics shortly and we had a BANGING night. Max and I were the Titty Twins in effect… and we got to be in a room with JayZ, Beyonce, Puffy and some other famous cats. It was tres cool. When I’m sober, I’ll post more… but for now…
None of y’all…

Eat chaaaaaanneeesssseee foooood!

(We look FABU, don’t we????)



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