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I make things really easy for people. Just in life in general. I don’t understand the concept of complicating ANYTHING for ANYONE. Life is complicated enough… we have enough folks roaming the earth who want to be all enigmatic and mysterious for me to add another one to the list. I am the point of least resistance in almost all cases. Wanna go here? Okay. There instead? Fine. Wear this on my head? Cool. Dance a jig down the street. Dancin’. I’m down for whatever most of the time. And when I’m not, I’m just not and I make it clear so that folks never suggest it to me again. I adore decisiveness. I’m not typically wishy-washy or whimsical. If I make my mind up about something, I’m of one mind for the most part. Leading is no big thing to me because I don’t mind folks following me… but I make a decision and that’s it for me; whoever is coming along… let’s go. If I’m in the lead, those behind me rarely have to think too hard. Options are presented, pros and cons are weighed and based on factual information, a decision is made. Why mess with a working formula?

But then I realized something when I was talking to someone about the acquisition of something desired the other day:

No one appreciates what they don’t work for.

That explains a lot. Maybe I do need to rethink my strategy.



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