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Date night was. I felt like I was in high school again. Firstly, my baby remembered that we had always passed this sign on the highway on our way to his apt that said “ARIRANG – HIBACHI RESTAURANT” and said to each other that we’d want to go… So last night was his turn for the idea for date night.

He picked me up at around 6:30 and I was ready… done with my responsibilities for the day. And we walked to the car, where he opened the door for me. And we started down the road. When we hit the open highway, he turned on the CD Player and played Musiq Soulchild… “Settle for My Love”. Which I found interesting that he chose that song to play (cause he cued up to it). I really pray he doesn’t think I’m settling for his love… and I REALLY pray he’s not settling for mine. Anyway… the car was washed over with this feeling of complete contentment as I gazed out the window to the Hudson River sunset, holding his hand and feeling invincible.

We got to the restaurant and they asked us if we’d like to sit at a hibachi or a pad thai (I THINK that’s what she said… she kept speaking low). I figured if we were at a hibatchi restaurant, we should just sit at a hibachi table and get the full experience. So we sat across from this Italian “family” (not nuclear family… it was a mom and her son and the mother’s brother) and we just waited, what seemed like an eternity. You have to fill the table in order to get someone to come cook. So we waited for the chef after they came and took our order. And while we waited I was watching the other Hibachi cooks do their thing and i felt a little nervous. They were tossing knives around and it looked a little scary. I almost felt like I wanted to leave, but I squeezed my baby’s arm and felt a little more secure. Glad that I did, it was VERY interesting and VERY interesting. And I felt all young and happy experiencing something new with my baby. I love this Date Night thing that we do. I hope we always do this. I love feeling this way!

Seems like that cursing asshole called again last night, but I didn’t hear the phone ring. I have to take some action against it if it keeps happening.



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