Another Strange Dream 7/21

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Of course I don’t remember the particulars of how we got to the first point that I remember, but Domi and I were walking along under the elevated train which was looking like it could have been the 7 around 46th Street or the J train in Queens.

Anyway we were just getting out of doing something or seeing something like a play or a film. And we are walking along trying to catch a cab to our next destination. But there is a crew of folks also trying to catch a cab, so Dom and I move because we don’t want to fight for he same cab. But no matter where we go this one man keeps following behind. To describe him: he was a tall white man…looked like a cross between Dennis Quinn and Tom Cruise in character for that new movie Collateral. He had on a burgundy button-down top and grey wool slacks. He looked calm but focused, and both Domi and I had a bad feeling. So we took off running to our next destination. We clasped arms across our torsos and ran in unison. But the amount of ground we covered that way was amazing. Much faster than if we had run separately.

We get to one of the buildings that Dom always admires along like the 37th ave area that have the courtyards in the back and we begin to make our way in… But then I try to climb in through one of the picture windows on the side of the entrance. Seeing that I can’t fit I retreat and walk through the front door. I look down the street and catch a glimpse of the man coming down the street. So Dom and I rush in and right in the lobby there is some kind of reception going on. A long table with many friends sitting around eating. I spot Lil Vic and rush to her side and make small talk. As I’m talking with her I am peering out of the glass door and I see the man looming around the front of the complex trying to see where my brother and I are. Finally resigned that he may have lost us… He pulls a grey hair out of his head and lays it on the ground. Then he walked away. My brother and I somehow knew that meant that we couldn’t leave or he would find us. His hair acted as a tracking device of sorts and would notify him of our movements. It’s at that point that I felt that the man was not human and maybe even android. Then I woke up. I wasn’t able to go back to bed for some time, but I finally did manage.



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