Date Night

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So my baby and I went to go see Anchorman tonight… I got the passes from work and figured… the previews looked SO BAD for it that the only way that we’d attend is if I got it for free. Staying true to my word, we headed out to the theater (a bit late)… but found perfect parking across the street… walked in… got the neck cracking seats. All the while I’m thinking… This is just gonna be bad, but at least we didn’t spend money on it. It was really funny. Had both of us in stitches… My baby more so than I. So… he’s chock full of new lines to say (I dread when Movie-oke comes out. My baby will be on it ALL THE TIME!!). But the spirits were high and we were both feeling great 🙂 Today was a good day.

Tomorrow is a day with W, B, Wiz, P, Teenie and her dad… all for lunch. Woo! I thought it was just gonna be W, B & Wiz… but it’s cool. I’ll find a way to make myself a gracious hostess.

In the hallway today, I saw one of my co-workers and she says “What have you been doing lately? You look REALLY nice?” And I said… “Aww nothing… combed my hair… showered, washed my clothes.” And she looked at me examining… and came to her epiphany… “THAT MUST BE IT! Because you look so nice lately!!! Keep it up Victoria!!” Nice, I thought as she walked away. I must have been a flying shit slug before.

Okay… off to do more of that cleaning, sleeping, liking life thing that makes me look better… LMAO!!!



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