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I did laundry tonight. Thanks to my sweet baby that trekkd all the way out after spending the day moving his stuff back to his mom’s house so that he could help me lug all my laundry to the laundromat. Nothing like clean dry clothes. Makes me happy 🙂

I worked on sug’s sendoff site all day today. I got frustrated with it last night, but I was much more focused today. I took keith’s advice when he said that if there are photo assets that I can’t find online, just make them myself. I needed a picture that personified “sendoff”… so I thought blowing kisses would have been the way to go. Couldn’t find any decent ones of black females doing that. So… I’m a black female *tee hee* Here are the originals

The finished product… after a little touching up and cropping in PS… and voila:

Sugie Sweet.


I’m sure it’s obvious where the pic is. Not half bad. I gotta start taking pictures of more stuff. K-dot has really taught me a lot. I’ll be sad if he leaves.

We went bowling the other night with my cousin who is here from Fl. She said some ish to rub me the wrong way on the way home… but I guess I’ll have to let it go. I can’t be bitter and horrible all the time… can i? (I’m sure I can). But there are pictures in the misc. gallery of that too. Some nice ones I took of my brother and my cousin. My cousins and godson are growing up to be fine young men. And so far one of them is showing his quality as far as school is concerned. I hope the others follow suit. I’ll pray for them.

Okay… sleepy time for me.



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