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What I Gave Up for Love

I could rewind JUST Chance the Rapper’s verse and be contented forever. The words hit me so hard…. Who are you to tell me I can’t love you The way mothers love daughters? The way…

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“I watched you retreat…”

“… and I let it happen.   Because I was angry.  And I was just being an asshole.”     I thought it was me….     *


Not cancer. Granulomatous Mastitis.   I think I’m feeling relief.   There are SO. MANY. OTHER. FEELINGS.  I’m sifting through in the last few days.   But I think relief is in there.   Just wanted to…

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Seeing if my WordPress app can connect anew. Since having to rebuild my phone and all its settings. Was having some trouble with the default backup install. So this is a fresh attempt.   Today’s…

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Here goes my recap of the weekend, since I didn’t stop and blog along the way like I thought I’d have the chance to / should have. Saturday Morning: I woke up after having a…

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Silly Girl.

That sums up how I feel today. Just weird. One minute, I’m really happy. Then I’m really not so happy… borderline depressed. Then I’m indifferent. Then I’m lonely. So, I’m thinking that I must be…

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