Wined and Dined

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Could it be that it was all so simple then…
Or has time re-written every line…

-Barbara Striessand

Tonight I looked off into the night before I left the office and saw the perfect sunset going down in the west while the starlit sky prompted the skyline to twinkle in kind.  The weather lately has been the crisp fall air that my body craves during the summer months.  During this time I tend to feel better… and look happier.  My body is not sweating up a storm… I’m wearing clothing that I like and that flatters me.  I’m in my element.

This season always reminds me of a not too distant youth where my life took place among the night lights in the city.  Walking around, dining, dancing, chatting, experiencing… living.  While I watched the sun go down, I missed all of that.  I missed the whimsy of just calling up random friends and hitting the town for an indiscriminate amount of time just to live it up.  No worrying about getting home by a certain time (except if it was to get ready for work in the morning).  No fears that all the spirits that we imbibed would give us difficulty being a better caretaker at 3am.  Just carefree… youth.

I’m so glad to have these memories.  Some people don’t ever really experience that kind of young adulthood.  I had a sturdy amount of it.  And I missed it tonight for a moment.

Then I saw that sleeping angel… And it was all good!




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