Day 19: thought I quit, huh?

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Seems like the only thing I quit was blogging for a second.  But here I am.  Done with the initial Clean Start Program (14 days of raw fruits and veggies and supplements)  Now I’m on day 5 of the Paracleanse (parasite cleanse) which is pretty brutal.  I’ve been reading on Curezone how folks on parasite cleanses really examine their stool.  I’m not about that life.  Sorry.  I’ll just need to trust that something is coming out because regular is just not the right word to describe how thorough everything has been.  I feel great though.  I’m down by 20lbs, so it’s like a pound a day which is alright by me.  Like I said, I know a LOT of it was water weight, but I’m glad it’s off of me.  I feel amazing internally and I think it’s starting to show on the outside.

Food cravings have scaled back a bit.  As I’ve gotten more adept to putting the right things in my salads and seasoning them just so, I want a deep batter fried cheesy burger less and less.  I had a salad yesterday that made me wanna slap myself.  It was GOOD.  Not an ounce of animal protein.  Just veggies and a ROCKIN’ dressing.  More and more I’m thinking about what I’ll do when the program is over.  How I don’t WANT to go back to my old friends Wendy and the Colonel and the like.  So I’ve decided that during the weekdays I’ll keep everything as I’ve been doing it.  More fruits and veggies than anything.  Maybe the occasional lean meat (preferrably fish, chicken and turkey; no reds) and I’ll leave Saturdays and Sundays to be my “cheat” days with one allowable cheat meal per day.  So that can allow for a brunch to be in there or a diner burger with some fries.  I think if I continue on that path, it can be a healthier life in general.

Went to the doctor and all my labs came back fine which made me feel great.  Of course my iron was on the low side of normal so I gotta get more iron into the supplements somehow.  But it’s refreshing to hear that despite how bad I felt and worried I am to make sure I extend this life, this amazing machine is chugging along.  I just am trying to get myself to a more attractive looking machine so Theeny has a mommy she’s proud to walk down the street with.

More change to come… more progress… I’m proud of me.  A lot of times I thought I might fold, but Earl helped me hold steady.  Bless him.  Cause I sure nuff chewed him out on some bs sometimes on GP that I was REALLY hungry and wanted BADNESS.  But he helped to see me this far.  Hopefully I can make it all the way out.   I had to stop by the Trini women at Greenleaf today to show that I’m still alive.  I used to get my “regular” breakfast from them every morning – 2 eggs, bacon & cheese on a toasted roll with butter and a large hazelnut coffee with milk.  So since fasting I had to cut them cold turkey.  They asked one of my co-workers yesterday if I’d been fired.  LOL  I felt so bad that I stopped by this morning to show them I was still around and not dead or unemployed.  They were genuinely happy to see me.  It made me feel so good.


Lots of good feelings!




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