Day 5: Add an all liquid day to that…

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So I’m having a colonoscopy tomorrow so today to push the all fruit and veggie fast I’ve been doing through the damned envelope, I’ve had an all liquid diet all day.  I did really well I think.  Had countless glasses of water and for lunch I had the broth from some wonton soup.  Now I’m on this bowel prep and I’ve never felt so EMPTY.  All I can think about is how hungry I am.

The interesting / insightful thing to all of this is that the KINDS of food I’m thinking about eating aren’t the ones that I would normally sit and have for my meals.  I didn’t eat HORRIBLY… I stopped being as active ore eating as regularly.  I admit the last 4 months after the baby, I’ve gotten in chummy with the fast foods.   But aside from that, I try to pick healthy stuff.  Lean things.  But those aren’t the things I’m craving now in the fast.   Now? I want all the fatty amazingness that probably got me to the size I am.   It’s really just got me thinking about what I eat… how I eat… when I eat it and if I really want to keep going down that path.

I cheated a little yesterday, admittedly.  I had some wilted spinach and a baked potato with butter.   I know… I rationalized that I was going to do the bowel prep today and it would clean me out anyways  but… i gotta tell you… that little bit of something carried me right through today when I was drinking nothing but water.

Okay… on to day 6 and the colonoscopy *shudder*




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