23 Weeks, 1 Day

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We’re moving right along over here. The baby is progressing well. At her check up last week she weighed in at 1lb 2 oz, anatomy scan looked good, clotting in the placenta had stabalized and the doctor said some encouraging words to me that sounded like “you have a healthy normal baby in there” – which was wonderful sweet music to my ears. The AFP results came back in lowering my chances of abnormalities in the baby even more than the Nuchal did. Of course they make sure to tell you that nothing is 100% sure, but the chances were like 1 in 35,000 or 1 in 240,000… so for my age and all the treacherousness happening in my womb, it sounds like good news to me ?

She finally made her presence known to me in a physical way last Tuesday. I was out of the office sick with a cold *le sigh* which was hard hard hard to do w/o the comforts of my theraflu or anything to help decongest or soothe the cough. So I’m leaning back in my chair and rubbing my tummy and what felt like a foot followed the path of my lateral cesarean scar and pushed firmly down in the top of my pubis. It was a shocking feeling because everyone has been telling me “oh, it feels like butterflies or popcorn”. This little one is really bold because nothing she ever did was subtle so far. She’s HERE damnit is more the tone with which she’s been doing things and I? don’t mind. I can be on the dense side with things sometimes so she’s wise to dispense with the subtleties.

Sleeping is becoming increasingly more challenging. They tell you to sleep on your left side… but what if the baby likes the left side? I feel like I might crush her sometimes. I know they say that’s probably impossible but the way she revolts when I move from said side leads me to believe that she’s pretty sore with me weighing her down. So, I guess now is when sleep becomes pretty challenging. Good thing I tried to bone up on as much of it as I possibly could.

Last week we went for a 3 hour glucose test. My complaint isn’t so much the test itself or taste which seems to be everyone else’s gripe. I was moreso concerned with the length of time I’d been “fasting” because the appt was at 10. So I wasn’t allowed to eat until 2. When we got home, I used the bathroom and nearly passed out with the shakes. I couldn’t even get up for long enough TO eat at that point because i was so drained. Earl had to let me sleep for a half hour before propping me up to get some food. I get the results back today. I hope it’s good news. *keeping my fingers crossed*

They tried to take a 3D/4D scan of the baby last time but she’s still a little bony so she ended up looking like a young Smiegel. I’ll wait until 25 or 26 weeks to do it again. I’m just so curious to get an idea of what she’ll look like. At the base of it all, I really just want to meet her… Look in her face.. Look at her eyes and see who she is… I know I might not know right off…. but… I’m so curious… We’ve assigned her all these qualities in our fantasies and dreams… I want to see what she’s decided to be. It’s a very exciting ride!



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