Amazing Dream…

I gave birth in my dream.

I’ve been reading up a lot on c-sections because well… I’m relegated to having one. So I want the most information there is to be had about it. In this dream I was laid flat with the curtain up above my belly, Earl on one side, Mommy Cora and Auntie Ena on the other. There was much excitement in the room. I was partially anesthetized. I felt the pulling like the books said I would. This deep profound extraction from within me…. started at chest level, like they were removing my heart and pulling it down through my abdomen. It was quiet for a moment and then one of the doctors came from behind the curtain and laid this little swaddled piece of glory on my chest. She squirmed about as I held her in place, staring at her in complete awe. She inhaled through her mouth deeply like she was going to take her first instinctual cry and I braced for it. But she looked me right in the eye and began to giggle with the utmost amazement and amusement. Like she and I had shared a private joke that she always found funny and I immediately fell completely in love. I woke up teary eyed and anxious for the day I’ll get to meet her!

THAT? is an image I want with me always.


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