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There is something amazing about the beach to me. Moreso at night. Sure it is always great to get a nice tan and feel the warmth oof the sand between your toes, but I dare say that nothing is more calming and relaxing than the night time beach. There was always a fear in it for me…. The way the ocean would meet the night sky off in the distance sometimes made it feel like I was staring away into nothingness. Black void. An intense fear of mine rooted in going blind. So while serene, it unsettled me some. But on this trip the best part might have been walking on the beach at night with my hubby. For the first time in a long time, I could see the horizon clearly and delineate between the water and the sky. I even went so far as to walk up to the surf and observe the self defeating motion of the waves. One crashing and receding takes away so much power and glory from the oncoming wave building momentum. But it never ceased. Wave after foaming wave I stood there on the beach and talked to my husband about life, love and our aspirations for the future. He felt the serenity in the air and was immediately calm. We grabbed a beach chair and laid out on it. Almost fell asleep under the moonless night. And it would have been alright. There was this great and immediate ability to relax fully and immensely on that beach. That alone made the trip totally worth every penny!

Can’t wait to do it again!!


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