Not much man…

Categories: check in, dreams

I’ve been kind of dream walking through my waking state. Had a bad dream the other night that I dislodged the center stone of my engagement ring… and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get it to be secure again. The prongs just wouldn’t hold on to the stone anymore; even after taking it to the store and getting them to repair it, it was still terribly fragile and I had to keep looking at it and keep checking it for fear of losing the stone out of my ring. I don’t know if it really takes a dream interpreter to figure out what all that means. My mind has just been running over time.

I don’t really have a whole lotta stuff to write about. Just been a little brain dead this week. Muse isn’t here… just went on vacation, I guess. So he’ll have to come back and start planting seeds in my mind before new thought starts to sprout.



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