What Happened to my Weekends?

Categories: growing, health, what in the entire hayle

I used to depend on them to re-energize me and revive me for the perils that were to be the week to come. But nowadays I come out of the weekend feeling more tired and just barely dragging my feet through the week ahead. It’s a shame, because I’m actually not allowing myself to enjoy the moment because I’m trying to RACE to the next weekend to get some sleep. I need some vitamins or SOMETHING.

Last night my baby and I got to his house and we went to sleep fairly early. (midnight, which is early for me). We woke up at 9… went back to sleep and woke up again at 11. Where we just lounged about for a few hours before milling about and getting ready for the outside world. When I got out of his car, I felt perfectly refreshed and relaxed. And now I sit here typing at my computer COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED. Like I need to take a nap or something. I just felt drained when I walked through the door to the apt. This isn’t right or normal. *sigh*

Off to exhaust myself some more.



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