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So after a whirlwind weekend of excitement and joy on both of our parts, my baby came by yesterday to (finally) and properly request my hand in marriage from my family. My family, who I thought I knew all my life managed to shock me in a way that I didn’t know was possible by them. My brother started it all off by requesting a few moments with Earl alone in the car before I went down to meet them. “I just want to look in his eyes for a moment…” And he got all distant (domi, that is). So when I finally joined them and Dominic was knocked out in the back seat, I said to my baby, “He wasn’t mean to you…. was he?” And my baby said, “No, he spoke from the heart, and I appreciate that.” And then I was like… well … what the eff did y’all say??? And my brother (who I thought was asleep) chimed in and said… “None of your business… just passing along the torch.” Which made me a little sad. My brother who has always been my protector and role model had passed the torch along to this man who has asked for my hand.

We got to the jewelry shop to hand in my ring to be resized… which was hard for me because i JUST got used to it a little. And I would pass minutes away of the day just staring at its brilliance. But now I won’t have it till Thursday. (I can hear Max Now… “Froooooodooooo Baaaaaaggggginnnnsssss” LMAO!!!! I guess that’s my new name because I dote on the ring so.)

Then we drove to my house. Mom and Dad were in the living room awaiting our arrival… but not in a pretentious fashion… Mom was at the computer. Dad was watching tv. Earl, Domi and I said our hellos and Earl and I went into my bedroom. Where he proceeded to stall for a little time. He was genuinely nervous. He didn’t want to offend them or be rejected. I tried to comfort him… “Baby… here’s some consolation… their response to you will be the same as mine… there’s no need for fear here.” So we walked slowly to the living room. Where my mom took Earl’s hand as he walked around her chair to hold audience with her and my father and she said, “So I heard the good news! I’m so happy for you both. I know that you’ll make my Daughter happy and that is all that I would ask of you…” And I heard her choke up… My little mommy had a few tears in her eyes… and I can’t say I know the last time she cried from joy… she’s had an awful lot of reason to cry for pain. Then she summoned my dad, who stood up and Earl said his shpiel (of course I didn’t fully hear, because I was looking at mommy and making sure that her crying didn’t go out of control…

Now… My father… who has been in this country for 30 some odd years… has always had this very strong French Accent. Sometimes I really didn’t think he had too much control over the language at all. He stood there and after Earl said his piece articulated in the clearest thought that I’ve EVER HEARD MY FATHER HAVE – “Well, you know Victoria, and I trust that you’ll use what you know about her to make her happy. She’s a sensible person and so I expect that if she’s accepted you, that qualifies you as a sensible person too. Just always try to make each other happy and the rest will fall in place. Other people will always be watching what you do, but if you focus on each other, you’ll have everything you need. Just make each other happy.” I think my mouth dropped open as my Baby and my father exchanged a warm handshake and my brother looked on.

Then I called my Nininne who was ECSTATIC. When she picked up the phone and I called, she was skeptical because I never call (what a horrible precedent I’ve set for myself in her case.) But she was overjoyed and said “SEE… I told you not to worry. I told you it would happen when it should.” She sounded genuinely pleased and at ease with the idea. I’m excited all over again.

Ceptin’ that I don’t have my ring till Thursday. But my baby… in his wonderful Superman like Fashion has offered (since he’s off on Thursday) to swing by and pick it up… and bring it to me at work so I don’t have to live the WHOLE day without it!! YAAAAAAAAY!!! I’m still swirling on Cloud nine. I think I’ve looked at my pictures in the gallery at least 400 times.




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