Catching up

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So this week so far has been alright. Started monday with a day at Foxwoods spa with the job. Got a facial… seems like it worked really good (My skin is sooooft). And the rest of the week at work has been a little frustrating. The system has been down intermittently and has been totally making my work back up.

So all my free time and energy has made me focus in on Rhapsody in Pink. I really pray that it will be successful. We’ve sold a lot of pre tickets and we’ve gotten a lot of response. A lot of the older sorors in my chapter are hating on this event, but I can’t seem to figure out why. It’s going to yield us some more money so we can do more scholarships. But you know what… if they don’t do it again, I’ll know that something that was wholly our idea was brought to completion and it wasn’t a flop. Now I just have to hope for no natural disasters or terrorist attacks.

My baby has been my backbone all week. He’s the sweetest.

The weather is kicking my ass. It’s hot AND humid AND rainy. YUCK

Oh well… summers here. we just skipped spring.

More tomorrow… off to dreams about tomorrow’s party 🙂



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