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I had a treat away from work today. What a way to start off the week. The station, in light of great ratings this past book, took all the employees out on a Spa / Gambling day. It was pretty nice. I got a Deep Cleansing Facial (that I hope my skin doesn’t react badly too in the next few days) and I blew some money on the slots and Keno. All in all, I just missed my baby and wished he could have enjoyed it with me. But we spoke on the phone and that was sufficient for today. I’ll be wrapped in his presence tomorrow whilst I run around and try to save the world.

Que party was Saturday. I had a…time. It wasn’t even really a good or decent time. It was me just being there. It was lame, really. But at least I got out and got a chance to be cute and my hair has really gotten long. So that part … the dressing up… was fun. Also, we sold more tickets to our event… which was GRRRRRRRRREAT!! Just the actual party sucked ass. I never blended well with Ques any ole ways.

I’m sleepy and don’t have any profoundness to share… so I’ll leave tonight’s entry at that. I love the new Blogger interface. VERY snazzalicious.



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