Shaping up to be a good day

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Shaping up to be a good day…

A meeting I thought I had at 9:30… is actually every OTHER week. And this is the off week! *YESSSSSSSSSSS*

The jobbie Job is paying for breakfast this morning.

I weigh in today (even though I think I may have gained weight) but I’m keeping my head up and not getting discouraged!

The gym next door that I’ve been sweating since I started working here is coming to make a presentation. If their rates are reasonable… I can get my workout on… TAKE A SHOWER (unlike Curves) AND get my boxing in.

Me and My baby are back in a good place. Bad places really suck for us. But the good places are GREAT! I even fantasized about him on the train this morning in mid awareness… It was cool!

The rollercoaster is on the hike. I hope it just evens out 🙂



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