Rotting on the Vine

Categories: bad day, figuring it out, why am i doing this again?, work crap

I’m not sure what I did.  Or maybe I do.

I don’t want to consider it all to be punishment.  Maybe I’m being taught a lesson.

But personally and professionally, I am rotting on the vine.

Whatever was previously deemed interesting, exciting, brilliant, valuable, worthy is now laying unused.  Unwanted.  Untapped.

Maybe in order to cultivate other things about me. Maybe it’s time to pull up other dormant amazing abilities.

But those ignored qualities… I was proud of them.  It excited me to use them.  It thrilled me when they impressed other people – because I was genuinely thrilled myself at what I managed to produce.


It doesn’t seem to matter anymore.  And the things I was once revered for are just… sitting there.





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