Two for Flinching…

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Okay, so even I was afraid to take the trains yesterday going to and coming from work. Because… this is the most consistent I’ve seen the terrorists (outside Isreal and the Middle East) in such a short period of time. I was talking with Domi at one point and he said he thought that they were being so vehement towards London because of the decision to make them the next Olympic site (2012) and NY just “dodged a bullet”. Somehow, I almost feel like… they WANT us to settle into that idea. Yeah… *WHEW* we just missed it. So that we can kind of relax into a false notion of semi protectedness and then wham-o. But we haven’t done that. I’m glad that we haven’t. It would be straight foolish. But… what we are doing, which I’m worried about … is that we’re flinching. Like a paranoid weed smoker. I heard that on the trains today, every 5th person is being searched if they have a backpack. (Somehow I feel like it’s going to play out that every 5th person will happen to be an arab male carrying his regular packaging on to the train… and me who carries a hulking backpack onto the train every day will be allowed to move forward unscathed). Starting to feel like more and more, if you want to keep your privacy in tact… you need to stay home. Cause if you come out of your house, someone’s going to have the right to search you. And while i TOTALLY undertstand the reasons for it… it doesn’t negate the fact that our privacies are being compromised (moreso than normal). But… if we’re flinching… doesn’t that mean that we’re being successfully terrorized? It’s such a connundrum. If we don’t flinch… we end up maybe losing more lives. But if we do… and often… that means we’re frightened. Flinching in terror. I dunno if there is a proper way to handle ourselves right now, without looking like we’re scared. But I think we are. I am.

*sigh* Off to work.



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