How Friends Work

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Me: I hate my family.
Max: oh damn

Max: what happened

Me: yo… why can’t they just be supportive?

Me: why does everyone have to be down on me. You know?

Max: what aren’t they supporting

Me: i’m in the street this morning getting breakfast for my parents and my aunt sees me in the street.

Me: I don’t even get a hello.

Max: no. way.


Max: no she didn’t

Me: so I tried to ignore and ask about her daughter…

Max: right

Me: and she told me rubbing it in my face – “Sabrina has a new baby!!! WHEN ARE YOU???”

Max: Goddamn!

Max: you shoulda walked away

Me: and I’m like… you know what Auntie Sonya… I’m not ready. I don’t know when. I’m happy like this…okay?

Max: double dog damn

Me: she let me off with that. I doubt she won’t ask again… but…at least…I staved it off for today

Me: so I get home…fuming… because I DON’T have that answer.

Me: not even for myself.

Me: and my mom hands me a stack of pictures I guess my dad found.

Max: right

Me: I had to be about 12 in the pictures.

Max: ok

Me: and I was a stick.

Max: so

Me: and I looked at the pictures… and said “Damn… I was a stick, huh?”

Me: and here goes my mom…

Me: “You’d’ve been better off if you stayed a stick, don’t you think?”

Max: Jesus




Max: Damn


Me: i’m sooo sad right now, max.

Max: Damn man I’m sorry

Max: But I know EXACTLY how you feel

Max: My Mom did a number on me the last time I saw her

Max: The following words were used

Max: Puffy

Max: Fat

Max: The family says

Max: and the closer

Max: are your feet swollen?

Me: oh man.

Max: I felt like a steaming pile of shit

Me: what is WITH these people?

Max: I have no idea

Max: I was like

Max: speechless

Max: and that’s a stretch for me

Max: I felt horrible

Max: I just wanted to go home

Max: she says to me where?

Max: In a clothing store

Max: where I couldn’t fit most of the stuff anyway

Max: Sometimes I wonder if these women are so jealous of us that they intentionally crap on us

Max: Cause we are doing so much more than they ever did

Max: Even my Aunt laying in bed probably dying of cancer managed a Zinger when she saw me

Me: i am in like full blown cry…

Me: i’m sorry…

Max: don’t apologize

Max: i’m calling

Max: turn on your fone

Me: ok

Me: Earl is all panicky..

Me: lmao

Me: he hasn’t heard me cry over the phone before.

Max: aw

Max: i guess I can hang up

Me: i’ll call right back.

Max: no problem

Me: thank you so much for calling, Maxi.

Me: I really needed to hear someone who was on my side.

Me: I love you so much.

Max: I can’t say I have heard you cry on the fone either

Max: That’s what I’m here for

Max: Don’t let them do this to you

Max: You have accomplished so much

Max: and have more to conquer

Max: like I said

Max: everything is temporary

Max: shit could change in a second

Me: i know.

Me: *sigh*

Max: all for the positive

Me: yo it’s crazy

Me: i’m talking to Earl and he’s getting alot of the same flack from his mom..

Me: and it’s INSANE how we hold our tongues to tell them what for.

Me: “I’m doing better than you did at this age”

Me: I’d LOVE to say that to ANY of them because it’s true!

Max: Word

Max: Like I was speechless when my Mom got at me for my weight

Me: *sigh*

Me: str8 up.


Max: I usually give her what for with her wack husband

Me: you’re a different brand of human

Me: you come from the planet Candor

Max: LOL

Max: lol

Me: lmao!!!!

Max: sometimes I wish i didn’t

Me: I don’t

Me: I’m ECSTATIC that you are

Max: cause I say shit and don’t even know why

Max: thanks man

Me: I need a friend like you around.

Max: aw I need you too man

Max: you give me faith in the good of man

Me: do?

Me: do i?

Max: cause this sister is a cynic to the core

Me: I feel like I’m losing mine.

Max: yes you do

Max: don’t

Me: it’s hard dude.

Max: you need to keep yours

Max: we’re fucked for real then if you lose it

Me: oh noooo!!!

Me: I hold the hope of the universe

Me: lmao!!!

Max: LOL

Me: yo…

Max: yo

Me: I was ready to fight someone in that club on Thursday.

Me: Lmao!!!

Max: LOL

Me: I kept trying to start something

Me: with DUDES no less.

Max: why?

Me: … off of misunderstandings.

Max: Vic = thug

Max: lol

Me: Vic = wannabe-thug

Max: misunderstandings over what?

Me: when I thought homeboy was calling Jen a bitch…

Me: it was about to be on!!!!

Max: LOL

Max: yeah

Max: I was like trying to get the info before I took my shoes off

Me: yeaaaah… my gurls had my back!

Max: please, I haven’t fought since 3rd grade but I woulda been in there

Me: and then I thought I saw Sug struggling with her Ecuadorian man.

Max: me too

Max: I was bout to step up

Me: I was watching that pretty close.

Max: i was too

Me: *tee hee*

Max: lol

Me: we’re like mother hens

Me: hahahahahah

Max: yah

Max: lol

Me: i had a hella good time, though.

Me: my feet STILL hurt.

Max: me too

Max: man i’m chillin like i’m 21

Me: TRUE!!!!

Max: my knees were shot!

Me: poor mama…

Max: I’m down to do it til the summer ends

Max: that shit was too much fun

Me: SAME HERE!!!!!

Me: *woo hoo*

Max: and it’s great exercise

Me: yeah… really more effective minus the liquor

Max: I may just wrap my knees up and do the damn thing

Max: lol

Max: word

Max: I want to go back to suede

Max: and apt

Me: and debs

Me: when we have time

I’m so lucky to have friends and a brother who are so great at catching me when I’m plummeting to the earth. My baby, Max and Domi came to my rescue today. And I feel SO much better now. I LOVE YOU GUYS 🙂 Maybe I’m not a waste of time after all *wink*



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