Buenos Dias, Mamacita Linda

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Good way to start the day. Although it was from a crazy man in a wheelchair that he was pushing with his feet. I’m thinking even better, because even through the craziness, he can see that I’m pretty today 🙂 Maybe I’ll have my girl G take a picture. I’m black leather miniskirt, black sex-me sandals and the black “Witches of Eastwick” top (so dubbed because it’s WICKED!). I got it last week on my little shopping spree with my brother. It doesn’t reveal anything… but it’s HOT! I’m ready to go out with the girls tonight. We’re checking out some Shecky’s Summer Chill event… should be fun.

I just finished reading a biography that Sug’s mother is writing for her. Yo… that’s so beautiful. I only WISH I could get my mom to express those things for me. I fear that I’ll really never hear it. But I know she loves me. Damned West Indian intolerance of expression and feelings 🙁 *sigh* But I’ll write forever about how much I love her. There’s no question about that.



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