Happy Father’s Day

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Happy Father’s Day!!!

To any fathers out there. I’m blessed to have had mine this long… Although he’s crazy! So be a blessing to your kids too, if you can! They hold you in the highest regard. I remember thinking, when I was a little kid… that my dad was the strongest man in the world. It was a great feeling knowing that he was on my side and using his powers for good and not evil.

Yesterday was a really good day after the yucky conversation in the morning. I called my brother and he came to the rescue as always. He and I went out for brunch and then went to see The Terminal That movie with Tom Hanks and folk. It was just okay. I wasn’t blown away by it like I was with Castaway. But I should know better than to compare one Tom Hanks film to the other. Then we went walking down by Hudson River Park. Upon passing by the Westside Highway… we came upon Ground Zero. Which I didn’t recognize because we’re usually driving past. We’re never up on high to see it. But we were using a cross over bridge to get across the Highway and we saw it. And I stared at it for a long time. It was unreal. It looked so much smaller now than it did years ago. Gosh… it’s been years. Then we went and sat in the Winter Garden, which I haven’t done since years before 9/11. I found serenity there. Domi did not. So we went ahead and walked along Hudson River and it was a glorious day with ample breezes and blue skies. I guess God heard me bellyaching about the lack of blue skies and clear water. (Although clear waters will NOT be found in NY.)


wintergarden wintergarden2

One of the more beautiful days of the year and all I have is my camera phone to take pictures with *sigh* figures! Didn’t do half bad with it though.

It was a quiet peaceful day and I was grateful for it. I’m grateful for today so far… even though it feels like it’s almost over with it being 3:00 PM and all. But this weekend was quite calming. I’m praying it’s not the calm before the storm.

As you can see from the archives list to the left, I delved in and reviewed some old posts from 4 years ago. I added them on just for variety’s sake. How different (and confusing) life was then. And it’s funny to look at in retrospect. And I suppose I’ll look back on life now, 4 years in and I’ll think… gee… I was crazy.



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