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quiet again tonight.  theens had a nap from 5-7 that had me putting her down at 10.  Just the worst use of my time.  But i don’t know how many times I can stress to my MIL that letting her nap late or not nap at all and crash early is just setting me up to fail.  After 4 years, I suppose the message will never get there so … i’ll deal.

hubby isn’t having a great time at the college tour right now.  these kids are letting him down in a lot of ways.  2 of them are being sent home for trying to sneak into each others’ rooms.  i know that high school Victoria would not be alive today if i tried something like that and got caught.  But something tells me these kids will live to see another day LOL.  So hubs is especially miserable.  Folks who promised to help have bailed when he could have used them most (which is typical with his chapter).  He’s caught some kind of bad stomach virus.  He’s frustrated and tired and overwhelmed.

The psychic said that this tour would be good for him and he’d come back rejuvenated.  I’m not seeing how.    As it stands, I’ll be getting back a brokenhearted, worn down man to build back up.


So I guess we’ll see.



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