“Wait… I thought you were a Sleeve Patient” (Days 6 & 7)

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Day 6 was the return to work.  Which was good and bad.  Good because I have an office that I can’t readily see everyone so when they’re chowing down out there I’m oblivious.  Bad because I work in entertainment and entertainment people are ALWAYS. EATING.   So there’s always yummy food just around the corner.  Of course on the day I return there’s a meet and greet with an artist and they catered it with the most delectable smelling soul food.  But… I sipped my water.  I went to Hale and Hearty to get soup for lunch because I figured if I try to incorporate normality in this not completely normal way of doing things it won’t feel like so much of a restriction.  So yes, go out at lunch and purchase a lunch (even if it IS broth) and then come back and eat it at lunch time just like it’s an actual meal.  I asked them to give me just the broth from the chicken noodle soup but I forget that their soups are mass made and stew for a while in those vats so the ingredients tend to melt and fall apart… making it very difficult to get a spoonful of just broth.  But I worked at it long and hard and got my broth out.   I was proud of myself.

Day 7 was my follow up at the doctor.  Traffic made me late (I was pissed) but when I called and asked if I could still come in they assured me that they’d see me at whatever time I showed up.  That put me at ease, so I enjoyed the rest of the ride there.  I got there and they saw me almost immediately.  Firstly for the weigh in.  They have this huge plate that you step on and the read out for the scale is off to your left (you the weigh-ee are facing a wall)… so you kind of have an option of NOT looking at the number.  Which I kind of didn’t want to see.   I stepped on and clinched my eyes closed … What if I hadn’t lost?  What if it didn’t budge?  What if i GAINED…? *gasp*  I mean… my TOM is looming… maybe I’m retaining water…  all these thoughts poofed like a little cloud when I heard the nurse say, “Well, look at you?!?”  I turned to my left and there it was.


Quick calculations in my head (because I’m soooo bad at math).  14 lbs…  in 7 days.  Really?  REALLY?  Okay okay – don’t get TOO excited…  just calm down because … cause …. WOW 14 LBS????? Man!

Then a chat with my surgeon who explained why I had 3 incisions instead of the afore promised 1.  “Your liver was a little enlarged. So we needed an additional trocar to hold it up better so we could see.”  Sure didn’t love hearing that.  But hey… they made it happen.   He took a quick look at my incisions, asked me if I’d had any vomiting or nausea, gave me the clean bill of health and then whisked  me off to the nutritionist.  She marveled at the number and kept stopping short of saying “you got through this all with flying colors!”  She’d say “You got through this all with… you did really well.”  And I’m wondering if that’s like a jinx thing for her… or maybe she forgot the phrase.  Whatevvs.   She went over what my next 3 weeks should look like.  Talked about 2 protein shakes a day to supplement my 48 ounces of liquid.  Just that for 1 week.  Then in week two introduce thinned liquid foods –  mashed potatoes, cream of wheat, farina, oatmeal, lowfat yogurt, pureed vegetable only soups (with NO “beans” in them — too fibrous she said).  Then by week three, I can start to experiment with the same foods but thicker.   She broke it down by saying “do you have kids?” I replied yes… and she said – so you would give a newborn an apple to eat.  You’d graduate them to the apple.   So you start with formula, then a little rice cereal in the formula, then a little rice cereal alone… etc…   I nodded with understanding.  She gave me some more accolades and pats on the back and then walked me out to the reception area where I waited to settle up my bill.  Then she exclaimed… “WAIT… you had the lap band??”  and I said kind of suspiciously, “Yeeeaaaah…..?”  And she replied quickly, “Oh noo… come back in here… I gave you the wrong plan.  I thought you were a Sleeve patient by the amount of weight you lost!”   The little cheerleader inside of me did a backflip.  She called me back in and quickened the plan.  NOT over 3 weeks.  Actually I can start experimenting with foods THIS week, etc… then the following week for pureed foods, then to solids adding one a day.  I finished by asking her if I could stick to the Sleeve plan and before I could finish the question she said “Absolutely!!”

Things are going well.  NOW… i gotta manage my expectations and reactions for the slow down which may or may not happen… so I don’t get discouraged.  But for now?   I’m walkin’ on sunshine!  #lovethelapband



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