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Well, it goes without saying much that I’ve been terrible at blogging this year.   There’s been so much going on… there always is.   But there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think that it is absolutely necessary to document it all.  I’ve got a million logs in my head.   Maybe I’ll list them here so that I can eventually come back and actually document it.   Since we last spoke:

a) i work for Emmis again (wbls and wlib were bought by them) – but it was in the best possible scenario that I could have imagined AND they brought Jeff back and the wonder duo is over digital

b) I got LASIK surgery on my eyes in February so now I have 20/20 vision w/o contacts or glasses or anything.  It was QUITE the ordeal though.  Nothing turnkey or super simple like most people made it out to be (my luck)

c) Speaking of vision – i had a sinus infection that when I went to get it treated ended up having a terrible allergic reaction to the antibiotic for which that doctor then gave me steroids that shot my glucose levels through the roof and one of the interesting side effects of the extremely high blood sugar?  Blurred vision.  Currently on day 4 of that.

d) I was nominated by my boss to receive this year’s 40 under 40 award for our company.  Super stoked about it.  In between questioning whether or not I deserve it LOLOL (gotta be me)

e) E and I are vividly and frankly getting to the bottom of all our problems.   No more sugar coating.  No more pretending that there aren’t any.  We’re down to brass tacks about everything and we’ve discovered that at the end of it all – we really love each other and are willing to forgive so much so that we can be together and STAY together.

f) I’m being evaluated to see if I can qualify for LapBand surgery.   I’m turning 40 this year and I sincerely don’t want to go into my 40s struggling with this weight anymore.  Metabolic Syndrome is tightening it’s grip around my body and while it sounds pretty, it killed my mother.   And I can’t afford to leave this here planet at 65 if I can help it.  I have no hangups about them cutting me open… been there, done that.   So why not for something that might help me control this here?

g) the Lord saw it fitting to get the payday loan monkey off my back and set the NY District Attorney after them.  I had been paying religiously, but I now fall into the category of people that they have to zero out the balance of and leave alone.    Thank you God.   I really needed that solid and I won’t go down that path again.

h) I left the Apple Phone Product Universe for the Samsung Galaxy S5.  On Day 5 of that and still getting accustomed.  But after the debachle this year… I don’t need anymore “connected” messaging.   Done with that.

I can’t really think of anything else right now.   I’m in a good place.  My life doesn’t seem quite as complex anymore.  Actually… so much dust and clutter has settled from the Big Bang at the beginning of the year that I can see my goals and approaches so much clearer than ever.  And not even feel a kind of way about pursuing them.  This ramp into 40 is going to be something else and I’m ready for the ride.


Look out world.




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