3 Months strong

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The time is moving forward. And with all the added distractions at work, I find it tougher to savor each and every moment like I was able to when we spent whole days together. But my priorities are clear. I finish all he work that I can so all I have to do when I get home is be Mommy. She can have all my attention because she deserves it. And selfishly, I don’t want her to forget me… Or even struggle to recognize me. I want her to know my cough coming up the block. Just like I know the sound of her sleepy whimper from rooms away. I know it will happen because throngs of mothers have assured and reassured. I am just one that likes to speak my dreams into existence. And just incase existence is hard of hearing – repetiton is the mother of perfection!

This month, my cherub is 3 months strong and no longer considered a newborn. She is now a full fledged baby. My 4th trimester is officially over and I dare say I came thru with flying colors. I know it is all a process and all the things I have expertise in now will go the way of the dinosaur soon. But I am ready for the ever changing, always evolving wonderment that is my Theeny.

Her morning laughter at the sight and recognition of me is something that I LIVE for. It is the most powerful pick me up in the morning and fuels me through my day to get back to her. I love my nucleus. Seeing us together gives me new purpose and renewed strength. I believe I can accomplish anything – even bring myself home and be a SAHM like I have always wanted. I just have to walk the path carefully and diligently. I can. I will. For my Theeny.





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