Special Phone Call

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With all that I’m reading about what you could and can do to make your baby more intelligent, more intellectual and more responsive from the womb, the one that I’ve latched on to (of course) is playing music for the baby.  So I ordered one of these Ritmo Sound Systems that has four little baby sized speakers that go on your belly strategically to create “surround sound” and a little controller that makes it so that you can’t ever have it be too loud (because it’s totally possible to over stimulate the baby in there with too much interaction or noise that’s too loud.

So on the night of the SuperMoon last Saturday, I played a little Moonlight Sonata for her and she enjoyed that along with some Nutcracker Suite selections.  She was just flipping around in there and loving the music.    I picked the system up though, because I read somewhere that you could pipe your voice through it somehow.  I thought this would have been an easy task w/o too much technical know how but they didn’t make it easy for the non techie to figure this out.  Thankfully… I’m not a non tech ? .  When I did the first music session, I plugged the Ritmo into my computer and played selections from my music library as well as from YouTube if I wanted to play something I didn’t actually posses.  So there was a way to bring a voice through… primarily Earl’s.  I know she can hear him peripherally but I want her to REALLY know his voice when she gets out here, just like she’ll know mine intimately (not much of a choice in that one for her… but you know).

So finally it hit me… SKYPE!!!  I plugged the system into my lappy and pulled up Skype and dialed out to Earl’s cell phone.  That way, when he talked, it piped right into the speakers.  Man…  when he picked up that phone and said “Hello little one…”  She kicked me SO HARD like  “HEY!!!  That’s Daddy!!!”  She’d never kicked that hard yet and there was nothing I could do to stop her from flipping around for the next 10 minutes as Earl sat back and caught her up on EVERYTHING for the last 6 months like he was talking to a long lost friend.  It was really so beautiful that tears just streamed down the sides of my face freely.  Real tears of joy – not ones tied into any kind of misery or self pity.  I was just so overwhelmed by the happiness felt from within and the joy emanating from Earl’s voice.  This is it – my little nuclear family.  The one I dreamed about.   The one I prayed for.  And worked extremely hard for.  It’s coming to pass right before my eyes.  My only wish is that my Mommy could have seen…  But she’s supervising from the great beyond and helping to keep a good word up for my dreams and prayers.

Earl chatted to the baby to his heart’s content and ended the call by saying “It’s getting late now, I’m going to let you get some sleep – I love you so much… I’ll call you tomorrow!”  LOL  I couldn’t help but have a good belly laugh at that.  Because he will and will always want to talk with her and to her.  I can’t wait to meet her!




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